Digital Health Market Access - European Review and Strategy

The first question you have to address as a company is to determine which country has the most favorable situation to pay / reimbursement for your solution.

With the limited pathways for digital health in Europe it is important to strategically assess where to focus your efforts. Here are few examples of how different the reality can be in different countries:

  • With the new German legislation for digital health being established it is a very favorable situation if you fit it the scope, which requires a patient centric perspective. If you have solution outside of this, it may almost be impossible to establish reimbursement.
  • In Sweden, the digital primary care centers have been able to establish reimbursement. However the same solution with independent digitally primary care centers will find it very challenging in the German context.
  • AI based solutions used within the hospital, will have a challenge to establish specific reimbursement in most countries. In France, it may however be possible, assuming that the right level of evidence is available.
  • For some digital solutions, they will not require any defined reimbursement pathway, but will be able to justify the cost through savings in other healthcare cost.

Through our extensive experience we can help you evaluate and find the right market for your solution.

The ability to establish reimbursement is crucial, but the next question to address is what clinical and economical evidence will be required to quality for reimbursement and if there are ways to get support to develop the evidence.